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Fresh Carrots.

Place Of Origin: Shangdong Province,China.

Supply Capacity: Weekly 200MT.

1) Bright red color
2) Taste Sweet

Exporting ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Chinese Blanched Peanut Kernels, Viginia type. Long shape.


1) Size: 25/29.

2) Shandong origin, China.

3) Moisture: 5 %max.

4) ...
Min. Order: 17 Tons
Red skin peanut kernel ,

Size : 40/50, 50/60, 60/70.

Origin : heilongjiang ,china.

Specification :

moisture : 8.0%max ,

admixture :0.5%max ,

imperfect ...
Min. Order: 17 Tons
Brown sultana raisin,

GRAPE TYPE: seedless grape



big: 160-220 pcs/100g.
medium: 220-280 pcs/100g.

standard: ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Grade AA sultana raisin,

Variety : golden raisin,brown raisin ,green raisins,black raisin.

Raisin Size :
jumbo size: 140-180pcs/100g,
big ...
Min. Order: 5 Tons
Fresh Red Onion,

Place Origin: Shandong, China.

Feature and advantage:
New crop from own planting bases

Size: 5-7cm, 7-9cm, 8-11cm and up

Package: ...
Min. Order: 12 Tons

Origin: Heilongjiang Province, China.


Size: 180-200/200-220grains/100g

Quality ...
Min. Order: 24 Tons
Heilongjiang, China origin White Kidney Beans.

Bean Size: 200/220grains,220/240grains,240/260grains


HPS quality,color-sortax
Min. Order: 24 Tons
Product name: Chinese DRY BROAD BEAN.

Year of production: Crop 2013

Origin: China mainland.

Means of selection: Hand Picked

Size: 50-60/100g, 60-70/100g, ...
Min. Order: 22 Tons
Canned tomato paste, 2200grams packing.

Brix: 28/30.

Raw material used: Xinjiang origin tomato paste.

Paste specifications:

Min. Order: 1,580 Boxes
Canned mackerel in brine, 425g packing.

1.Ingredient: 3-5 pieces mackerel, water, salt .etc

2.Shape: Head off,gutted and tail off.

3 exported market: ...
Min. Order: 1,850 Boxes
Canned sardine in tomato sauce.

1. Made from fresh material.

2. High quality & Competitive price.

3. Packing size:

425gx 24tins d. W.: 235g ...
Min. Order: 1,850 Boxes
New harvest strawberry puree, 2013 Crop.

(1)Used strawberry Variety: A13 Honey, Segena, Sweet Charli.

(2)Size: Puree

(3)Color: Red

(4) Grade: A and B

(5) ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Apple Juice Concentrate,


1) Brix: 70+/-1

2) Acidity: 0.8% -- 3.0%

3) PH: 3.6 - 4.4

4) Color: 45 (min.)

5) Clarity: 95 (min.)

6) ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Chinese walnut kernel.

Pollution-free, no pesticide residues, is the real organic and AA grade green food.


Walnut kernels have been obtained through , ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Dried whole apricot.

1) Color: Golden.

2) Size: 2cm, 2.5cm-3cm, 3-3.5cm 3.5cm up.

3) Spec:

Moisture: 22% max,

Admixture: 0.5% max,

Min. Order: 18 Tons
Roasted and salted peanut.

Harvest time: Around october.

Supply time: Year round.

Origin place: Shandong,China .

Product grade: AA

Shelf ...
Min. Order: 900 Boxes
Industrial Raisin For Wine and Vinegar,

Variety: Thompson seedless raisin

Ingredient: Sun dried grape.

Color: Brown.

Size: Medium 240-320pcs/100g, Small ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Frozen apricot halves,

Clean sorted from very fresh raw materials without residue,damaged or rotten ones.

1. specification: slice, dices , halves or cut as requested.
Min. Order: 5 Tons
Fresh Holland potato,


Origin: Shandong province,China.

Standard: top grade.

Color: Yellow

Shape: long & round.

Size : ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Chinese fresh tomato,


Cherry tomato: 3-4cm, 10-20g;

Silic tomato: R196, Bar 84, 5-9cm, 130-250g.


1) large body, good shape, ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Canned Carrot,

Ingredient: carrot, salt, water.

Type : Slice, dice.

Season: Whole year.

Shelf life: 2 years

MOQ: 10tons

Packing : ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Canned carrot and green peas,


A: green peas, carrot,Water,Salt

B: green peas, carrot, sweet corn, water, salt

C: green peas, carrot, green ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Canned tomato paste 140gram packing.

Brix: 18/20.22/24, 28/30.

No colour additive and starch materials.

Pls enquiry us for detailed information!
Min. Order: 1,000 Boxes

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